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Buck n’ Ball

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Tim finds unfired ammunition from the Civil War.


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Diggers: Buck n’ Ball


Tim finds unfired ammunition from the Civil War.


Ed Bennett
Ed Bennett

I've been metal detecting for over forty years buying my first detector when I was seventeen. Although I like the show for the places they search and what they find, Tim and George don't do any of us that are serious with the hobby any favors. The way they act when they make a find makes me cringe. I know you have to make the show more interesting but has anyone ever thought of what people who have never detected think of when they see Tim and George climbing trees or doing the "rain dance" after a find. If I acted like that around here I'd never get permission from land owners, which we always do, and they would lock me up for mental issues. We've found numerous coins and artifacts from the seventeen and eighteen hundreds and have never come close to acting like idiots. As for digging the objects up, we never dig a "plug" without having a ground cloth to place the plug and dirt from the hole, unless we're in the woods detecting cellar holes. We even take a ground cloth with us when we're detecting fields and pastures. It takes a little longer but you don't even know we've been there when after we leave. You always have the be responsible statement at the start or end of your show but we really think you could do more on the subject.