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Metal Detector Lesson

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KG gives Greg, the Diggers series producer, a lesson on using a metal detector.


Diggers: Metal Detector Lesson


KG gives Greg, the Diggers series producer, a lesson on using a metal detector.


Kim White
Kim White

What is the best type of metal detector to purchase?

David Hanning
David Hanning

i wish  i could hunt for stuff like they do

Cody Parks
Cody Parks

I’m 39 my name is Cody and my son and I have been detecting

for about 2 years. My son is now 5. We love watching your shows.

We and I have found some great stuff. My son Calls it treasure

for me, but if I “we” find any toys. That is treasure for him.

We Have found about a dozen toys. But any way, if you all are

every in the Dayton Ohio area and just for fun. I would love to

metal detect with to two Greatest detectors EVERY.

“NO TV time, that’s your alls job”. I don’t know what my son

would do, but I know it would be so Cool to pull juice out of the

ground with you all.. I have a whites coin master. I love finding

coins. I also have found all kinds of stuff, but the coins are

what I like the most.

Mark Hall
Mark Hall

Nice show, you need to teach people how to do this the right way, how to step down on the plug that you dig , so it wont die or come up when a lawn mower hits

John McIntyre
John McIntyre

@Kim WhiteHi Kim, I have done a comprehensive run down on all the top metal detectors on my website. The article reviews the best detectors for beginners, through to what expert users want. It should be able to help to point you in the right direction. If you are interested then please check it out.