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Meet the Preppers: Brad

Brad with his family by their new bunker.

Brad with his family by their new bunker. (View larger version)


"I'm prepping for economic collapse."

Brad and Krystal are young parents living in a quiet suburban neighborhood of Oklahoma with their three children. Together, they started prepping about a year ago. Brad fears that if an economic collapse occurred, the country would plunge into chaos, much like Egypt and Syria. Concerned for his family’s safety, Brad has spent more than $70,000 on weapons, food and other security equipment. His next prep is to get an underground bunker, which he thinks will help them escape the dangers of a lawless society. They decide to team up with Clyde Scott, based out of Texas, who began building bunkers soon after September 11th. Brad finds the perfect bunker for his family, but the idea of living in a bunker makes his kids feel uncomfortable. But, the family plans to stock all of their supplies in their new backyard bunker and live underground during a total economic collapse leading to Armageddon.

Tish Irwin
Tish Irwin

I'm looking for someone in my area,to get ideas on how to prepare quickly.I'm in northeast ms