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Meet the Preppers: Christine

Christine plans to bug out by raft in the event of a major tsunami.

Christine practicing her bug-out route by raft. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channel


"I'm preparing for mega tsunami."

Christine is your typical suburban mom living in a nice neighborhood in Virginia. She is married and home-schools her two young daughters, while also preparing them for a mega tsunami, which she believes will wipe out the entire East Coast of America. Christine has her own prepping website, sells self reliance foods and enjoys hosting prepping parties with other women around the neighborhood. But once a tsunami hits, she plans for her family to bug out by raft to safety.

Christine has converted the garage of her quiet suburban home into a veritable showcase of preps. For Christine, organization is key. Her supplies are meticulously labeled and inventoried so that she can easily load up the family car and bug-out when doomsday arrives. Christine shows a group of neighborhood moms how to pack a wholesome, just-add-water meal into a single jar. Christine also has the family run a practice drill, giving them thirty minutes to pack up the car and head out to the water. Once they arrive, they meet up with an eco tour guide and kayaking instructor who will evaluate their level of preparedness. When it takes the family longer than expected to manually inflate their rafts, Christine worries that her bug-out plan may not be as foolproof as she thought.