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Meet the Preppers: Doug

Doug shows us the inside of his shipping container.

Doug (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channel


"I'm preparing for economic collapse."

Doug lives on 50 acres of land in Southeast Tennessee with his wife and teenage daughter. He runs his own stone quarry business and people around Tennessee have taken to calling him the “Rockman.” What they don’t realize is that Doug is also planning to use those rocks as protection during a coming economic collapse. He believes such a collapse will cause local businesses to go bankrupt resulting in chaos and looting. Doug has been prepping for a couple of years and has even begun to build his own underground bunker equipped with two hatches and an N.B.C. air scrubber.

Though his wife and daughter do not completely agree with his prepping, he is determined to protect his family against anything that comes their way. He makes sure to have plenty of alternative currency. Once a week he drives to the bank to trade paper money for silver coins because he believes paper money will be worthless. Being in the stone industry has given him a great advantage and he plans to use his expertise to provide him everything he needs to finish his shelter before chaos takes over his home.