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Meet the Preppers: Kevin Barber

Kevin Barber makes a call.

Kevin Barber makes a call. (View larger version)


"I'm prepping for economic collapse."

Kevin Barber is a successful marketing businessman. He lives with his wife, their nine year-old son, and twin daughters in the suburbs of Shawnee, Kansas. He has enjoyed living his entire life near his family and friends in a quiet community where everyone knows everyone. This lifestyle was working for Kevin and his wife up until a few years ago, when they started noticing the amount debt the United States had accumulated. They both felt that economic collapse was imminent and agreed that the only way to survive that collapse was to bug out to Costa Rica. Kevin is preparing his family for the big move and packing up all of their belongings in a shipping container and shipping it across seas before it’s too late.

Kevin thinks that selling his house and moving to Costa Rica is the best option because it’s largely an isolationist country with its residents are used to living a simple life. To ensure that his family can live off the grid in Costa Rica, he is bringing along a solar array, a backup generator, and countless other preps. He must also prepare his kids by teaching them Spanish so that they can acclimate to the foreign culture.

Karen Martin
Karen Martin

If at all possible, I would like to communicate with Kevin & wife.  We are planning on a move to Costa Rica as well this next spring.  We have questions about shipping etc... all of our personal belongings.  I did notice on the show that they had shipped all of their preps etc.... Is there anyway we can communicate?