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Meet the Preppers: Lucas Cameron

Lucas Cameron lives in Tennessee and is preparing for the end of days.

Lucas Cameron (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channels


"I'm preparing for a catastrophic earthquake."

Lucas Cameron is a 26-year-old prepper living in the south with his wife and parents on a 25-acre farm—which he refers to as the Alamo. Asserting that he’s just a typical country boy, Lucas is prepping for a catastrophic earthquake. Together with his family and group of preppers, Lucas hopes to survive doomsday on his one-year supply of preserved foods and large farm, which boasts 35 heads of cattle as well as goats and chickens. With both medical and military backgrounds, it will be the men’s duty to not only protect the group, but also bring the women food to preserve. Prepared to defend his group with the many guns supplied by his father’s firearms business, Lucas feels prepared they will survive the upcoming chaos.

robert hamon
robert hamon

I was wondering if you would be willing to share how you built your gasifier? I would like to build one, and have researched some designs. Yours looks fairly simple and affordable. Thank you. Doug