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Meet the Preppers: Margaret Ling

Margaret Ling carries her bug out bag around New York City on a daily basis.

Margaret with her bug-out bag. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channel


"I'm prepping for a massive hurricane that will destroy New York City."

Margaret Ling is the single independent city woman living in New York City. She is the modern urban girl who loves her lattes, hot yoga and shopping around the streets of NYC, except she is preparing for a massive super hurricane that will destroy her city. Margaret trains with a knife-fighting expert, Matan as he helps her escape the city through an intense bug out drill.

Margaret Ling moved from Florida to Harlem after witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. A few years later, when Hurricane Irene hit the city, she realized that natural disasters were on the rise and that she needed to prepare herself for the big one. In this episode, she teams up with a Krav Maga expert to learn self-defense tactics that will keep her alert as she treks through the city. We join her as she perfects her escape route across Central Park and over the George Washington Bridge. Along the way, the expert teaches her the importance of a lightweight go-bag with versatile items. He puts her through various drills, surprising her with a simulated attack and showing her how she can use a simple candy lollipop as a weapon.