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Meet the Preppers: Mike and Jessica Adams

Mike and Jessica Adams

Mike and Jessica Adams (View larger version)


"We're preparing for widespread terrorism."

Mike and Jessica Adams are a young married couple living in Salem, Oregon where they own and operate a local BBQ restaurant. They’re prepping for a foreign occupation of the United States and fear that terrorists will take over the country’s food and water supply. To prepare, they have installed a rainwater catchment system and have already accumulated 450 gallons of water. With access to a large amount of raw food from the restaurant, they have learned how to smoke meat in order to keep it preserved. A unique challenge to their prepping includes stockpiling medicine for Jessica’s epilepsy. They currently have a month’s worth of medication and have started growing medicinal plants in their greenhouse. 

Mike Adams fears that terrorist sleeper cells have infiltrated the country and are planning to take out major American cities in order to stage an occupation. While Mike maintains enthusiasm for his prepping, his sister does not. He must overcome her cynicism, and prepare her for what he sees as inevitable. With his wife Jessica, Mike plans a hidden network that will allow him to travel undetected and to obtain valuable goods under the cover of night – an escape through the sewer to secure medicine for his wife’s medical condition. But will Jessica be ready to face all the challenges ahead as she comes face-to-face with the rats of the underworld?