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Weaponized Manure

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Nick uses rabbit manure to power his flamethrower.


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Doomsday Preppers: Weaponized Manure


Nick uses rabbit manure to power his flamethrower.


Carrie Thompson
Carrie Thompson

Ok I dont watch the show much but tonight show Be the Prep caught my interest because I Raise Rabbits and have Raised Rabbits for over 10 years, and I feel you should have given him more points for food and x-factor because it is proven that just three rabbits 2 does and 1 buck can produce enough meat if kept in FULL production that equals 1 steer that takes 2 years to raise up. Rabbits are Ready for to be processed at 10 weeks, so you re-breed the doe when the young are at 5 weeks old this will give her a rest period before her next litter.

Learn more about Rabbits though both my Facebook page and website.

Silverwolf Rabbitry

Nick Klein
Nick Klein will have the torch design!