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Tensions run high as Pedro 61 picks up an injured Afghan soldier.


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Inside Combat Rescue: Green on Blue


Tensions run high as Pedro 61 picks up an injured Afghan soldier.


Luke Thornberry
Luke Thornberry

Luke- he was alone in his special-ops errands in Iraq at its most dangerous. Black Hawks would arrive multiple times per day so he could capture missiles drops at night. Of course he has squats to follow and continue documenting in between the special missions. He was able to employ his photography skill quickly and appropriately, He has recovered so well since obtaining injuries from rocket attacks... We are entering St. John's College in Annapolis, MD and devoting our lives to art, beauty, and healing, I have always studied brain surgery technique san and hypothesized on my own. This is why I will become a brain surgeon and neurologist: I have epilepsy in three lobes, unrelated myoclonus, TBI, I want to stop any other person from spending a lifetime ill and misdiagnosed. Luke is so thoughtful, wise, and logical without being as harsh as I tend to be when I carelessly say what is in my head without thinking I am being rude. I know our success is due to having each other during illnesses that Combat Vets all experience. We both want absolute cures; it's about damn time someone cured a basic neurological disease without cutting pieces out of the brain.

My point was simply that my husband stayed in the center of danger in many cases with no lookouts or backup. He was not trained to heal then; however, his gentle behavior and nice words healed many hearts in Iraq. What would Nat Geo do without lone cam bots in this age of war!! His vaccinations (experiments) attributed to horrific side effects, rocket blasts and TBI cause him to have mini seizures more over our lifespan... I'm certain he has developed Epilepsy as I did when I was diagnosed with TBI.


Now, where is that sexy Nat Geo Soldier, SPC Luke Thornberry? Does he get his introduction? I love his red beard and kept him from shaving when he flew to San Diego for his on-screen interview and with what footage he could find since his ex, MANgela (classic cheater who got knocked up 2 x by a soldier in Luke"s Company), she broke many laws and burned them as he plead for her to mail them tho she'd had kids and been with her short little tiny guy - still jealous of something such as having many talents and the will to explore them with someone as crazy and adventurous as he can be! We found many hard drives and used System Mechanic to recover but we were not very lucky. I did find three 1-2 TB drives that need a restore and wipe! It popped up just last week! =]

Luke--- he's expected by the entire tiny state of KY to appear in this show he donated his work and time to. So many ate waiting and excited! Our high school journalism teacher is now Editor in Chief and has written of his dream of working with Nat Geo... We had been expecting a date. Please, call Luke and talk to him with news that will not humiliate him in a place thatnholds 2 million people who are waiting to watch the show, episodes with him and his work as he was told... Kentucky is a poor state. More than half do not know how to use a computer. Those guys are Tubeziez! Hola!