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Meet the Mudcatters

(From L to R) Dennis Williams, Don

From Left to Right: Dennis Williams, Don "Katt Daddy" Brewer, Marion Kincaid, Mark Schull, Winston Walters, Teddy Good, Scooter Bivins, Nate Williams, Lee McFarlin, and Misty Garcia. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channels / Eric Gutierrez


Meet the five teams of skilled "mudcatters" competing in the 10-week Okie hand-fishing competition.

Don “Katt Daddy” Brewer is the larger-than-life, tattooed trash talker of the group. Together with longtime friend Dennis Williams, the tough-as-nails duo plans to dominate the competition this season.

Marion Kincaid, “The Catfish King”, and his high-school buddy Mark Schull are Harley-riding, rough-and-tumble kind of guys, with a motto “If you ain’t bleedin’, you ain’t hand-fishin’.”

Teddy Good and his cousin Winston Walters are the “Young Guns.” As the next generation of hand-fishermen, they have a lot to prove to their competitors and their ancestors.… Teddy learned to noodle from his great-grandfather, and Winston fishes the same rivers his Comanche ancestors once did.

Scooter Bivens is the Okie Invitational’s defending champion—hailing from a family known as hand-fishing royalty. This season, Scooter is fishing with Nate Williams, a rookie with a lot to learn about handfishin’.

“The Legend” Lee McFarlin is a hand-fishing master with more than 40 years of experience, and a heavy favorite to win it all. He’s been teaching his daughter the ropes since she was a little girl, and now Misty Garcia is his fishing partner.

Christa Swagger
Christa Swagger

Looking forward to this season shows.  Handfishin looks like it could be fun.  Just not sure if I would like meeting something other then the catfish!

Jesse Rhoades
Jesse Rhoades

I'm watching the show right now as I'm Austria. Great show, and being that I'm an Okie, the show makes me a bit homesick. I'm encourage to try noodling here in Austria, and who knows maybe I can get a few people over here interested to join me.