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Meet the Fishermen

Meet this season's Wicked Tuna captains (from left to right): Captain T.J. Ott (The Hot Tuna), Captain Paul Hebert (The Wicked Pissah!), Captain Bill Monte (The Bounty Hunter), Captain Dave Carraro (The, Captain Dave Marciano (The Hard Merchandise), Captain Tyler McLaughlin (The Pin Wheel), and Captain Bill

The Captains of Wicked Tuna

Meet this season's Wicked Tuna captains (from left to right): Captain T.J. Ott (The Hot Tuna), Captain Paul Hebert (The Wicked Pissah!), Captain Bill Monte (The Bounty Hunter), Captain Dave Carraro (The, Captain Dave Marciano (The Hard Merchandise), Captain Tyler McLaughlin (The Pin Wheel), and Captain Bill "Hollywood" Muniz (The Lily).

Video Extras and Behind the Scenes

Wicked Tuna Crews

The is captained by Dave Carraro, universally regarded as one of the most successful fishermen in the fleet... and the sneakiest. Last season, Crew

The is captained by Dave Carraro, universally regarded as one of the most successful fishermen in the fleet ...

Gloucester, MA: Owner and Captain, DAVE MARCIANO and 1st mate, JASON MUENZNER on board Hard Merchandise.

Hard Merchandise Crew

This two-man crew works hard for the money. With decades of commercial fishing under his belt, Captain Marciano supports three ...

From Left to Right: Deckhand Justin Deluca, Captain Tyler McLaughlin, and First Mate Ari VieiraThe Pin Wheel may not be moored in Gloucester, but the young captain and crew left an indelible mark on the fleet last season by outfishing the veteran fishermen and ending up with the #1 spot on the leaderboard. Hailing from Rye, N.H., 25-year-old Captain Tyler McLaughlin is known for

Pin Wheel Crew

The Pin Wheel began last season in Gloucester as the reigning champion, but a tough year of fishing and an ...

Captain Paul Hebert and his brother First Mate Bruce Hebert catch some bait for tuna-fishing.

Kelly Ann Crew

Captain Paul Hebert has been fishing in Gloucester’s waters for decades, but he has struggled with proving himself as ...

The Hot Tuna Season 4

Hot Tuna Crew

The Hot Tuna is the biggest boat in the fleet, and its captain has a personality to match—gregarious, funny ...

There's a new sheriff in town and his name's Hollywood. 

Lily Crew

The Lily is one of Gloucester’s finest harpoon boats, captained by Bill “Hollywood” Muniz. It’s a highly technical ...

From Left to Right: Deckhand Greg Chorebanian, First Mate Scott Ferriero, Deckhand Donna Monte, and Captain Bill MonteAfter retiring five years ago, Captain Bill Monte decided to pursue his true passion, and became owner and captain of the Bounty Hunter, a 35-foot craft built in 2003. Together with his wife and deckhand Donna—one of the few women working in the industry—the duo became part-time professional fishermen, spending their

Bounty Hunter Crew

Bill and Donna Monte have been married for over 30 years, and have been chasing bluefin together since 1979. With ...

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