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Tuna Fishing Tips With Pauly

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Paul shares a few words of fisherman's wisdom.


Wicked Tuna: Tuna Fishing Tips With Pauly


Paul shares a few words of fisherman's wisdom.


Antoinette Castro
Antoinette Castro

Not sure about this video...the tips....Tuna are really sensitive fish...slight changes in the whether.. and you won´t see them for days.  They are very clever...not easy to fool...Tuna fishing is pretty partner is a  Fishermen...started at the age of 8...he doesn´t  come from a line of fishermen....I suppose it was his calling in life.. At the age of ten,  he went as a stowaway, on a large  fishing boat, presumed dead by his family. At the age of eight,  he would skive  off school and go off in a small rowing  boat with his rod and little else and spend hours and hours on end, alone in the Atlantic Occean, regardless of time and whether it was day or night...what courage¡  It is a really tough profession.  

But the tips I did like..were,  ´you need A LOT OF PATIENCE,  and keep your distance from other´s the done thing,¡  if you are professional, especially with small fishing boats,.   when it´s Tuna season, you mark your patch with your the Tuna  fish keep going back to the same spot for days. So no other fishermen can  go to your patch, even if he gets there before you,  the next morning¡. 

If there are wales,  you will probably find the tuna   underneath... and there is a reason for that.   If you see lots of Dollphins... they will scare  them off. so forget it¡ Just so many variables involved. 

But I am talking about small fishing boats, anything up to 13 metres, and I am also talking about  fishing  with bamboo sticks, one by one,  using live sardines as bait,which you catch at night or first thing at dawn, but not when it is full moon.   Fishermen like this, have  a huge heart,   the bait they don´t  use, gets  thrown  back, live  into the water. Alternatively, you keep them alive in tanks, feeding them, with a constant oxygen supply.  I am definitely not talking about the huge boats,  that use enormous nets and drag with them everything and anything.... and sadly and with time, they will take over from the small boats  and have a monopoly. 

 But Paul, I will check your site out ..because I love the wold of Tuna friendly fishing....using poles... and I really believe that these brave men, should have more exposure....I take my hat off to them.  It is fishing,  to sustain a way of life and a tradition and not fishing as a hobby¡¡¡ So don´t forget...  this  traditional way of fishing ...give these men,  some exposure.....

John Obrien
John Obrien

I watch wicked tuna when ever I see a new episode on tv and really enjoy it. I grew up in n.j. And always had a fishing pole in my hands when ever and where ever possible, I still really enjoy fishing anytime I can and am looking forward to going very soon, as far as Paul is concerned I think he would make a great captain and make a good living at it if he owned his own boat, I see he has a lot of experience and knows what he's doing! Capt Dave on the tuna . Com is also a great fisherman and also hails from n.j. I believe he has his own style and technics as dose Paul. Too bad they can't both fish the same boat together without all the drama from both of them.

Rick Noonan
Rick Noonan

paul whats the name of your buddy building rods