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    Red Kangaroos are found across mainland Australia in arid and semi-arid regions, gathering in small groups called mobs. They are capable of conserving enough water and selecting enough fresh vegetation to survive in an arid environment.

    Wild Australia: Desert of the Red Kangaroo

    Their kingdom is the desert: in the heart of Australia lives the largest marsupial on earth, the red kangaroo a true master of adaptation in a world full of natural wonders and extremes.

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    Their dogs Bastian and Gunny are known for springing into fighting frenzys and harrassing the horses around the stables. The biggest concern, however, is Gunny's aggressive behavior towards their son, Dorian.

    Cesar 911: Loaded Gunny

    Cesar is called to train an aggressive bulldog who's bitten a couples son three times.

    As the day begins in Kenyas Samburu reserve, there is great excitement in one elephant family when a new baby, named Breeze, is born. But the research team is concerned. Her mother Harmattans last calf died, and for the first few weeks Breeze is at her most vulnerable. Baby elephant Breeze on the first day of her life, with her mother, Harmattan, matriarch of the Winds family.

    Secret Life of Elephants

    The Secret Life of Elephants follows the intimate stories of individual elephants as they struggle to raise their families.

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