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Meet the Host: Jeremy Brandt

Get to Know the Host of Jobs That Bite!

Meet Jeremy Brandt, host of Jobs That Bite!

Meet Jeremy Brandt, host of Jobs That Bite! (View larger version)


Jeremy was born and raised on the beaches of Southern California, with family, friends, and faith at his core. After graduating from UCLA, Jeremy went off to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to be a snowboard instructor for the winter. With some prodding and encouragement from his old college roommate, Jeremy soon found himself headed south to learn how to fly airplanes in Arizona. After spending time flying airplanes for United Airlines, Jeremy returned to L.A. to start acting. Jeremy has achieved steady success as an actor in a period spanning over a decade. He has played roles on every major network on hit television series such as Criminal Minds, NCIS, Alias, Lincoln Heights, Young and the Restless, Knight Rider and The O.C. Now he will be returning to the screen as host of Jobs That Bite!.

Now he's traveling the country in search of Jobs That Bite!, and finds himself in California, Texas, Florida, Maine, Vermont, Oregon and Washington, where he quickly learns the ropes from the unsung folks whose hard work makes life better for animals. He’s your quintessential guys’ guy — rugged and affable, willing to try anything once, and just as willing to laugh at himself. We’ll see him smile through the outrageous chore of helping a young male camel mate with an older female, and settle in for a snuggle with a troop of pampered pooches. Armed with an easy charisma and just enough stubbornness to never go down without a fight, Jeremy is ready to roll his sleeves up and get his wild on. Whether it’s riding a horse or wrangling a massive boa, he’s game for it all.

David Garwood
David Garwood

I just watched the show where J. is catching small pigs for castration. Someone should tell those farmers that to catch a pig, without the pig squeeling, you should pick up by one hind leg and hold it upside down. I've done it for years and had the mommas right in the pen, and not been chased.

heidi stankavish
heidi stankavish

Did you really get that hard up for a show that you felt the need to use the same premise, a similar looking host and even many of the same jobsites as a particular show?? Pretty comical all on it's own if you ask me. Sorry, I'll have to stick to the real deal. Mike Rowe is a class act, Your ethics are right up there with the goo on the bottom of Mike's shoe at the end of a DIRTY JOB!!! Disappointed  in you National Geographic :(