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Turtle Take Over

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Diane hosts a ‘Sunday Brunch’ for her 17 turtles and tortoises every Sunday.


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Spoiled Rotten Pets: Turtle Take Over


Diane hosts a ‘Sunday Brunch’ for her 17 turtles and tortoises every Sunday.


Pattie Faulkenberry
Pattie Faulkenberry

Just wanted to put a shout out to the sweet couple with a TON of tortoises.  I LOVED watching that clip!  I used to have 4 Cherry Foots (two red-head, red feet, and 2 yellow head, red feet).  I got them from the Wildlife Care Center.  No back-story on 3 of them, but one was rescued from a Home Depot parking lot.  My kids named him Lucky b/c he was lucky he didn't get run over. :)  My favorite was my biggest, Daisey.  (yes, I know you're not 'sposed to have a favorite child, but whoever lost this tortoise has GOT to be so very sad!  She was so obviously spoiled ROTTEN by her previous owner!  She truly DID love me, and not just because I was the one who fed, watered and gave only her free range of the back yard on occasion.  (Lucky would RUN for cover and he was VERY good at hide n seek - to the point of me losing him in a garden for 2 weeks!)  Daisey would just graze in the yard, and when she was tired come evening, she'd always head to her 2nd home under our 27 foot boat.

I've been sick with a new tick-borne illness and it became too much to care for my babies properly.  I was SO happy that the farm at my kids; high school were thrilled to take my babies.  I went for a visit 6 months later.  I didn't know what to expect, but when I called Daisey, she came FLYING out from under her rock hiding place and was climbing the chicken wire to get to me.  They FINALLY found someone with a key and let her out.  She was so happy to see me.  I did a test to see if  she would pick ME or the grass where the students let her graze when they take her out.  I put her on the sidewalk and walked quite a ways up the sidewalk and sat down.  She ran as fast as her little feet would go and came straight to me.  I had my legs open some, and she walked right in and - get ready - she laid her big sweet head on my leg!  After a few seconds, she took a few more steps and put that big ole' head - all of it - right on my leg and sat there looking up at me.

I was crying.  Called my mom and told her I just HAD to take her back home.  Mom said she got a lot more attention from the kids at school then she did from me.  they sure fed her better... the tortoises got the leftover salad from lunch every day and the teacher running the farm was particularly fond of tortoises.  He even let me hold a Cherry Foot that had hatched less than 24 hours before!  Precious, jiust precious!

Last time I visited I met the new teacher (old one finally retired).  I stood and held Daisey like a baby, shell resting on my hip, for some 1/2 hour.  She just laid her head on my chest and was a happy little camper!  People who say that reptiles and other animals don't have feelings and can't forge relationships has never TRIED to forge a relationship with a tortoise.

How did you get YOUR managerie?  You had a phenomenal collection.  I'm jealous!

Hit me up on Facebook if you're on, otherwise we can chat here.

You're a wonderful mommy and your husband's a very good sport!  God Bless!  Pattie ~ <3 ~!

Cuba Americas-Topdog
Cuba Americas-Topdog

PupScouts are not spoiled, they have to earn their badges not given to then for doing nothing- that would be spoiled.

Lee Gladue
Lee Gladue

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