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Stranger Than Nature

Drunken Moose

Are the moose of Norway running through towns on drunken rampages?


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Stranger Than Nature: Drunken Moose


Are the moose of Norway running through towns on drunken rampages?


Andi amo
Andi amo

I just watched this episode and the inaccuracies by that one guy towards the end were incredible.  First of all, I by no means am expert but even I have seen animals eat rotten apples and act "drunk" they don't throw up and start dancing, they just stumble a bit and don't really run away like normal.  Also, it's an absolute fact that Moose have attacked people.   I even saw a video when I was younger of a Moose killing a man in Alaska outside a bank (they said kids were throwing snow balls at it).  So how on earth can he say a Moose never killed a person?  I think that because the European Elk is what most people in North America call a one in America heard of an Elk attacking or killing a person.  So when he claims his contacts in America said it's never happened maybe it was just a miscommunication (or at least I hope).  Clearly, the animal he's referring to is a Moose, and Moose have killed people before.

 I hope if the husband does watch this he realizes that the guy who's discussing his wife's death is just really unqualified or just grossly uninformed.